Buy Platinum


I am the official dealer of the game DarkSwords.
You can buy from me platinum on the basis of a user agreement (3.2.1; 5.4).
Thank you for using the service.


Platinum on credit

Too lazy to run through the cold to the bank? Address to me.

If you regularly buy my platinum from me - I can give up to 20% of the platinum you bought earlier.
I do not take additional interest for the service, but u must to buy platinum for the repayment of the debt from me.

If you can not give it in time, contact me to avoid the ban.

List of services

Below is a list of my services. He does not take into account the shares from the administration.
If something is not - ask the game. Maybe something will come up.

My works

Only a few of the many

All smiles in game

Below you will see a list of non-standard smiles and their pictures. Not all emoticons were made by me, but you can use them in the chat freely. Order your own smile. It's cost 10vpt or 10pt.